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it is. the temperatures are in the 30s. santa rosa and napa as we look at the view of clear skies over san francisco. here are some of the coldest spots in the morning. 29 santa rosa and 27 in napa. 30s, low 30s, below freezing in fairfield, concord, livermore , and it is only going to get colder. we even have the potential foreseeing white capped peaks. i will be back with all of the details. >> thank you. >>> our team coverage continues with abc7 news reporter alan wang in berkeley with a look at how zookeepers and shop keepers are tonight. >> usually the line in front of the popular ice cream shop is all the way down to the end of t but tonight it is a lot shorter. only the hard core ice cream lovers are out here braving the cold. others are just trying to stay nice and warl. warm. they are turning on the heat everywhere including the oakland zoo where the alligators are being kept at 75 degrees. >> this is our sweetest man in the zoo. >> and oj, the 100-year-old tortoise is taking cover in a barn with heat lamps. >> with the frost rn whatting coming we want them locked in. we added
snap not just tough on people but animals too. allen is live in santa rosa tonight with that story. alle allen? >>reporter: over the past 2 hours we have been watching the temperatures drop on this abc 7 weather app. from the high 30's to blow freezing as you can see right now. it's 30 degrees. with clear sky on the doppler making it very uncomfortable for for man and beast. >> we are just going to say hi. >> heating bill goes up when you have to keep 13 giraffe warm at night here at safari west in santa rosa with more than 850 animals at least 200 of them need extra heat and shelter. during the winter months they keep the animal more to increase the calorie count. banana are special treat. flamingo do fine in freezing temperatures. the rhino however can't wait to get inside. >> they prefer to be inside when it's cold. they especially don't like the rain. >>reporter: human are also having trouble dealing with this cold snap. temperatures fell below 20 degrees this morning in rohnert park causing water pipes to freeze up an burst. >> i opened the curtain and i said not r
colder it is going to get. it is already 25 dries in novato and 26 in napa. santa rosa 28, fairfield 27. the numbers are at or below freezing in many parts of the bay area, and they are still going down fast. livermore 33 degrees. freeze warning covers the bay area except san francisco until tomorrow morning at 9:00. increased risk of hypothermia. we will be seeing record-breaking low temperatures tomorrow. live doppler 7hd is tracking it. and we will be tracking possibly some snow here locally. i'll be back with all of the temperatures for tomorrow and the snow potential in a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you. we will have team coverage on this cold snap. let's start with alan wang live in pleasanton where the temperature is in the 30s. alan? >> yes, carolyn. it is legal to burn firewood in the bay area and we are smelling the chimneys puffing smoke. we are also watching the temperature drop closer to freezing. right now it is 37 degrees out when heated pool water collides with cold air you get steam. when your water polo coach makes you get out for goofing off, you get an effective
in santa rosa and napa and novato and livermore 49 degrees. and check out the view. i have to step aside. it has been dumping in the sierra nevada. this is coming down from the lake tahoe cam. this is heavenly. snow here in the bay area, but not that much. over the hill, 1500 to 2500. a freeze warning goes up sunday into monday morning. so we will be looking at freezing cold conditions behind the front. the cold front is moving in which is why the rain is intensifying. as you look at the computer animation, all is not lost for your weekend. 1:00 a.m. the rain line is shifting into well south of south bay and into the monterey bay. and then it is all done. so now it looks like clearing early for your saturday plans. could be a light shower and maybe lingering around the monterey bay. winter weather advisory above 1500 feet. north bay mountains until 6:00 a.m. for the santa cruz mountains, the diablo range 2500 foot elevation until 10:00 expecting a couple inches of snow. the north bay is already seeing clearing. you could -- ukiah the snow has cleared. expecting 24 inches in the mountains
this weather. here are some projected low temperatures for tonight, santa rosa, 23. napa 22. fairfield 25, 26 concord, 25 in morgan hill. we rarely see lows like this, i'll show you which locations may set record lows for tomorrow's date, december 5th. it will be a really cold overnight, bundle up, wear layers, prepare for tomorrow. more later. >> thank you. see you shortly. with subfreezing temperatures spreading tonight to most parts of the bay area as spencer just talked about coping with the cold snap can be a real challenge. here is more from abc 7 news reporter david louie in south san jose. >> reporter: people joke how thin our blood must be, nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have the space heater on because it's an old building and doesn't heat well. >> reporter: you realize a building is drafty, right? >> definitely drafty. >> reporter: then there is carlos whose story trying to warm things up by featuring tropical clothing. you're selling resort ware? >> there is california. it's not really cold. it's fantastic beautiful sunny day. >> reporter: a cold snap is good for some busin
that we expect tonight. lowest temperatures, i should say, 23 in santa rosa. 22 napa. fairfield, 25. 27 livermore, morgan hill, 25. i think you get the pick tushgs going to be a brutally cold night. wile be back with the complete accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much joining us tonight is david louie and wade freedman. cold snap spreading your way tonight. looks like you found a way to keep warm. >> i did. it's nice having a fire pit here, you can imagine what that is doing to firewood sales here at the wood yard. they're moving a lot of oak. you know this cold snap is testing peoples' ability to handle tolerance. >> people joke how thin our blood must be. nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have a space heater on. it doesn't heat well. >> you realize a building is drafty. right sf >> yes. >> there is carlos perez, his men's store is featuring tropical clothing. >> you're selling resort wear? >> this is california weather, it's not cold it's fantastic. beautiful sunny day. >> a cold snap good for some business. steve ludwig has acres of mrif tree s. >> cold weather and rainy w
emoryville camera live across the bay. 29 in santa rosa, 34, fair field. concord, 31. 34 in livermore. one final live view looking at bay bridge from exploratorium camera. under clear skies. these are four forecast futures. freeze warning in effect for the next two nights. tomorrow will be our second consecutive spare the air day. no wood burning. we'll have chilly afternoons tomorrow and tuesday before we start to have some moderating temperatures by mid-week or so. here's the pacific satellite image of movement of today' systems. that cold front is now well to our south. in fact, losouth of los angeles. cold air spilling to the southern part of the state. particularly here in the bay area. as we start our forecast animation, 11:00 tonight. no clouds moving through. in the absence of clouds temperatures generally drop even lower. it will be a chilly day again tomorrow with afternoon highs just barely breaking the 50-degree mark. that did not happen today in the bay area. overnight look for lows of 23, santa rosa. 21, napa. 23, livermore. 24, morgan hill. some of the colder locations right
today. upper 6 0z, near 70 degrees. oakland, 60. 58, los gados. s a nice shot. sanity why rosa, 60. 55 in fairfield. livermore still at 60 degrees. we have a look at our forecast highlights for you. it is going to get colder tomorrow, and we're going to keep a chance of a few light showers mainly in the north bay. cold and windy through the rest of the workweek, and freeze warnings are more than likely to be issued as we get into wednesday morning, thursday morning as well as friday morning. let's go ahead and take a look at overnight lows for tonight. we'll bring them up a little bit because we will continue to do some of the high clouds move in. especially chilly in the north bay with temperatures there in the 30s. 40s elsewhere. let's go ahead and take a look at this system. right here in the gulf of alaska, this is where the area of low pressure is. this is the trailing cold front. most of the moisture from the system will face to the north of us, but let's go ahead and drag this south. this is 3:00 monday afternoon, and you can already see a little moisture moving down towards clo
. santa rosa 48. here's a look at our highlights. cooler tomorrow with a chance of light showers mainly in the north bay tomorrow. get ready for cold, windy conditions through much of our upcoming work week. those freeze warnings will probably going into effect as we head into wednesday and thursday. overnight lows tonight into the too bad because we do have the high clouds that will be moving in and you can see in the north bay we'll look for temperatures there mid to upper 30s. still chilly in those locations. otherwise we'll look for widespread 40s. here's a look at our water vapor imagery. this is the area of low pressure right here. it's slowly pushing south. as it does so, it will bring that cold blast of air our way. the winds will pick up as well out of the north. i know a lot of people were out putting their holiday l-u6!m u, their santas, their trees, what have you, decorations. you may want to make sure they're secure because these winds will be picking up by tuesday night and wednesday. here's the timing, 7:00 tomorrow morning we're going to look at that cold front starting
rosa. temperatures in the mid-30s in napa, 31 at fairfield, upper 30s, concord and livermore. another live view from the exploratorium camera. forecast features freeze warnings in effect for the next two nights from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. the following day. "spare the air" alert tomorrow for the declining air quality, and chilly afternoons on monday and tuesday before temperatures start to moderate after mid-week, there's an outloan of the cold front sweeping through the bay area, causing cold air to spill in behind it. 7:00 this evening, won't see any clouds by overnight. skies remain clear. temperatures will drop sharply. another chilly afternoon tomorrow. even under sunny skies. high temperatures barely breaking 50 degrees. overnight tonight, cold all over the bay area, including san francisco, low of 36. look at the lows in the inland valleys. low 20s at napa and santa rows sacker livermore, low 23. morgan hill, 24. even right around the bay, where it's going to be cold, we'll see lows into the upper 20s. we have seen 30s around the bay lately but upper 20s, very cold weather for
weather. speaking of overnight, here's a look at the projected lows for the week ahead in santa rosa which will be one of our coldest spots when the cold weather arrives. wednesday morning, low in santa rosa of 29 degrees, down to about 24. thursday morning, back up to about 30. on friday morning, then hovering around freezing for the next three mornings. this is indicative of the kind of temperature, low temperature range we can expect in our inland valleys the next several days. overnight tonight, generally across the bay area, low temperatures in the low to mid 40s. a few upper fourth around the bay. and then tomorrow, after passing clouds in the morning, mainly sunny in the afternoon. it will be much cooler than the afternoon whether we've had the last couple of weeks. highs reaching only into the mid 50s in the mildest locations. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast, it's going to be very cold inland on wednesday morning and even colder on thursday morning. the freeze covers mainly the north bay for wednesday but will cover the inland into thursday morning. for the weekend, an y
this is the 7 day low temperature range for santa rosa. notice wednesday morning low of 29 at santa rosa. thursday morning low of 24. leof 30 on friday morning. then the next 3 mornings temperatures will hover at freezing at 32 degrees and one degree on either side. we see that sort of pattern inland valley location over the next few mornings. overnight tonight not terribly cold a little cool in some spots. low generally in the low mid 40's and then tomorrow after some early morning clouds and maybe a passing shower or 2, we see mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. high pressure just reaching that the mid 50's around the bay and inland location so sharply cooler pattern certainly in the last couple weeks. here's the 7 difficult forecast. it's freezing cold in the north bay valley and north bay location wednesday morning. temperatures down below freezinging level and the morning freeze will extend thursday morning to all parts of the bay area with low dropping that the low 20's in some of the inland valley and daytime high reach only in the low 50's on thursday. that's at the most
bay. this is a post card glorious view now. 40 degrees in santa rosa. 35 napa. it's getting close to freezing. novato, 36 degrees, temperatures going down. 42 livermore. you can see view of the bay bridge here. here is a look at the forecast. record cold again tomorrow. snow over peaks between friday evening and saturday morning. into sunday and mob, tomorrow morning cold, 25 in santa rosa, fairfield. 20 in napa. 30 in san jose. 31 palo alto. you can bet they're going to be icy windshield there's in mornings. 34 in oakland. 41 degrees in san francisco. 36 in half moon bay. make sure you dress warmly when leaving home. don't forget about the kids cold air with us. we're not going to be just dealing with cold but rain and snow. another system going to drop down. this will bring us rain coming down from from 5:00 p.m it will move in by 8:00 or 9:00. we're a quarter to half an inch. snow starts to dive south a little bit we may see snow around clear lake chlth wide spread rain by midnight saturday morning and starts to taper. we're still keeping a chance of snow in with cold air in pl
emeryville camera looking out to the bay and bay bridge beautiful but below freezing. in santa rosa and napa you have already hit that freezing narc novato. fairfield at 30 degrees. 34 in livermore. it's going to be cold. tomorrow morning you will want to make sure you bundle up from sutro tower cam are. no fog no clouds winds pretty light. record cold expected again tomorrow rain and even the possibility of snow friday tonight into saturday morning here locally and we are looking at chilly conditions for your upcoming weekend let's talk about the overnight chill. 20 degrees in nap were 16 this morning at the airport. so you see what i'm talking about here. 25 in santa rosa. 30 degrees half machine bay. 32 san mateo o. oakland 34 exploratorium 41. some of the coldest spots will be in the inland east bay as you will notice there 29 antioch. 25 livermore. 30 degrees san jose 26 in morgan hill. brutally cold. need scarfs, glovshtion boots, anything to keep you bathroom. hang on to the layers because even though tonight we are expecting the chill again with record likel
from exploring camera. here's look at just few cold spots low will drop down to 29 at santa rosa overnight 27 at nap a.31 at fairfield concord 30 livermore and 28 at gilroy. so you can see we have some very, very cold weather coming our wait a minute i have a look at complete accu-weather 7 day forecast and how long this cold snav snap will last a little bit later. >> thanks very much see you shortly. >> when the temperature drops this much this fast there are a lot of steps to take to protect people pets and plants. we have team coverage for you tonight beginning with 7 news reporter lean. >> people in san rafael went from spring lake weather to feeling the cold north bay winter in less than 24 hours. for some people it was a mad rush to buy enough wood to keep warm for the next few days. >> we have an older classic house in mill valley in the foot hells of mount tam and we, we just need some wood. >>reporter: business at this fire wood in novato had been slow until today. many home opens were his busy trying to protect their plants from the frost. steve is a farm advisor w
but not going to feel like december, feel more like january. look at the temperature trend for santa rosa. tomorrow morning 41. sharp plunge wednesday thursday down to the 20's. sub freezing temperature. ice cold but not tomorrow morning you have one more day. low 40's to low 50's tomorrow morning with possible wet road wait a minute afternoon temperatures only in the 50's it's breezy and my colleagues spencer will be in emeryville tomorrow to connect off holiday fad drive. give where you live that's chilly but won't stop him. brave the chill and i will fill in for him when you look at the forecast. thursday morning for most of the bay area chances of rain friday into saturday sunday into monday so we are really switching over to winter it looks like in the 7 day forecast. >> switch getting switched. >> thank you. >> monday night football and wasn't even close. >> she was in for larry tonight. >> coming to town next week seattle with the team to beat. man handle the sites. they face the niners. high 7 davis. >> turn about davis hurdling. >> turn about davis hurdling. >> find out
or illegal even to ship. executive at russian river pwrawing in santa rosa says she found hundreds office posts on ebay last year selling hard to get beer at very high prices. but she says the pwrurs told ebay and web site now note that sales of contain we are alcohol are not allowed. woman charged recently with eling selling 5 of the heady topper for $825 a case on craigslist. >> wow! spencer more of a wine guy. let's go back and update the forecast. >> i am but i don't put down anybody who stores beers. we have precipitation all over the place but here is snow. heavy snow in the sierra. heavenly camera at lake tahoe at just how furiously it is snowing at this elevation. higher elevation in the sierra this storm get 1 to 2 feet snow bal ball. we won't get that in the bay area but back here you can see we will have some snow at the higher peak in the bay are area. winter weather advisory in effect above 1500 feet north bay mountain, above 2500 feet for the other mountains in the bay area from 1 to 10 am where we expect to see 2 to 4 inches of accumulating snow. not big deal in t
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